Hill-Rom 100 Low Bed

Size : Large



Engineered to meet the highest safety standard for electric medical equipment, the bed combines aesthetically pleasing designs with innovative features to create an ideal bed for any home care environment.

The lowest position of the bed is 8.5” and can go up to a maximum height of 26.5”. The low bed height allows for it to be used as a stand assist for the patient. The low bed height also is ideal for fall risk patients.

The Auto Contour position keeps the user from sliding down as the head of bed is raised, protecting the skin from shearing. In addition, intuitive controls make the bed easy to adjust, while the pendant has tactile cues to aid individuals with limited vision or dexterity.



Weight Capacity 450 lbs.
Product Weight 300 lbs.
Length 94"
Width 40"
Bed Height From Floor 9" - 26"
Head & Knee Adjustment Electric
Height Adjustment Electric
Warranty One Year

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  • Raises to heights from 8.5 to 26.5 inches with an innovative high/low mechanism
  • Meets the highest goal safety to standard for electric medical equipment
  • Auto Contour and Shearless Pivot features
  • Easy to use intuitive controls
  • Wide open space to allow for easy cleaning
  • Removable headboard and footboard
  • Assist rail
  • Battery backup
  • Auto contour - the head and knee sections raise simultaneously which helps keep the user from sliding to the end of bed
  • Mattress stops - helps reduce the mattress from sliding
  • Hand control - user has the ability to control bed high/low, and head/knee up/down
  • Battery backup - if a power outage occurs the battery back up can be used to control the high/low and head/knee
  • Lockout controls - ability to disable functions on the hand control
  • Bed extension (80” or 84”)
  • Large easy to see controls
  • Vascular foot lift
  • Low bed height
  • Residential styling

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