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17-12 Sealed Gel Battery by MK Battery. Some compatible products include:

  • Bruno Cub 35 FWD, Typhoon C3 RWD (2)

  • Amigo RT Express (2)

  • Chauffer Mobility Lil' Taxi (2)

  • Damaco Child's Elite (14x14), (D90, D99 (2)

  • Frank Mobility E-Fix (w/high capacity case) (2)

  • Invacare AT'M (2)

  • Medline Gemini 1 (2)

  • Merits Pioneer 1 (SP232, SP23), Pioneer 2 (SP242, SP24) (2)

  • Pride Mobility Rally (2)

  • Shoprider Sunrunner, Snazzy, Trooper, 777E, Dasher 9, Start 8 (2)

  • Graham-Field Metro Power III Electric Wheelchair(2)

  • Wheelcare Super Light Scooter (2)

  • Wheelchairs of Kansas BCW Heavy Duty Powerchair (2)

  • CTM HS-125, HS-290


15.3 AH Nom capacity (5 hour rate)
18 AH Nom capacity (20 hour rate)
Battery weight 13.82 lbs.
Length 7″
Width 3″
Height 6.5″
Nom voltage 12 VNom Capacity (AH) 5hr rate 15.3 AH
Nom Capacity (AH) 20hr rate 18 AH
Weight 13.82 (6.28kg)
Length (mm) 7.13 (181mm)
Width (mm) 2.99 (76mm)
Height (mm) 6.57 (167mm)
Reserve Capacity 30

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