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22NF Sealed Gel Battery. Some compatible products include:

  • Active Care Medical Prowler

  • Alante 202

  • Catalina Mid wheel drive power chair (2)

  • Chauffer Mobility Viva Power 645 (2)

  • Drive Medical Sunfire Gladiator, Denali (2)

  • Electric Mobility Candy Apple (2)

  • Everest & Jennings Sabre LTD, Marathon, Marathon LE, 3P, 3W, 3H, 3V, Magnum, Xcaliber, Sprint, Sprint Plus, MX, Sabre (ES, ES-GT), Xcaliber Power Recliner, MX Power Recliner, Magnum Power Recliner (2)

  • 1-800-Wheelchair Tracer Mobility Scooter

  • CTM Trecker HS-890, Compact mid wheel drive power chair (2), HS-125 (2), HS-290 (2)

  • Golden Technologies Avenger Scooter, Alante 202 and Compass Power Chair

  • Hoverround Teknique RWD, FWD, GT (2)

  • Invacare Pronto M94, Pronto M91, Heavy Duty Powerchair, At'm Motorized Take Along Wheelchair, Nutron R32, R32LX, R51, R51LX, R51LXP Motorized Wheelchair

  • Pride Mobility Maxima, Jazzy series, Jet 2, Jet 2HD, Jet 12, PHC 5, Jet 1 w/out Active Trac, Legend XL, Select 14, Select 14XL, Quantum 600, 6000Z (Group 3), Hurricane (2005 - Present), Victory XL, Boxter (2)

  • Merits Health MP1IX, MP1IU, MP3R (Gemini), MP3W, Travel-Ease Commuter (P181, P182, P183, 184), Travel-Ease Regal P301, P301, P313, P314, P31312, P31461, P31411, P31362 (2)

  • Redman Wheelchairs 107SRX, 107SR (2)

  • Shoprider Mobility Streamer 888WS, Sprinter 889-3 XL, TE889DX2-4, 889DX4-4, Sprinter Deluxe, Flagship, Sprinter Jumbo XL, Sprinter XL3 & XL4 (2)

  • Sunrise Quickie S626, G424, Aspire F10/F11, Freestyle F11, Rhythm, Groove, P220, S646, S646SE, P222SE, S525, V100, P110, P190, Z500, V121, S525, V521 (2)

  • Suntech Sterling, Scoota, Regent 3 & 4 (new series) (2)

  • Wheelchairs of Kansas BCWPRAD-Power Advantage (2)


Nom Voltage(V) 12
Nom Capacity (AH) 5hr rate 37.8 AH
Nom Capacity (AH) 20hr rate 50 AH
Weight 38 (17.1kg)
Length (mm) 9.38 (238mm)
Width (mm) 5.50 (140mm)
Height (mm) 9.25 (235mm)
Reserve Capacity 69
Weight 37 lbs.
Length 9″
Width 5.47″
Depth 9.24″
HCPCS code K0082
E Code E2360

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