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The specially weighted Able Tripod Base is designed to replace your cane tip turning your cane into a conveniently self standing, and stable assistive aid for daily living. The stylish design is aesthetically pleasing making you feel less infirm and is biomedically engineered to normalize gait in most neurological and orthopedic disorders. The specially formulated rubber is durable and flexible providing increased traction on most terrain giving you confidence even on grass, gravel, and sand where typical canes can sink into the ground. The pods flex as you walk reducing the shock of impact on your hand wrist and elbow. The state of the art design is small, lightweight and easy to use on stairs. The shape conforms to your foot and can be used in either hand without adjustment.

To ensure proper fit, remove tip from your cane and measure diameter at the end of shaft.


Sizes: 5/8″ diameter, 3/4″ diameter, 7/8″ diameter, 1″ diameter
Weight: 8.5 ounces
Material: Durable weighted rubber compound


  • Makes cane self standing
  • Eliminates need for hanging cane when not in use and frees the users hand when necessary.
  • Provides unparalleled traction and functions on all terrain including grass, gravel, and sand.
  • Slim, flexible base puts less stress onto the users hand and makes navigating steps easier than bulky traditional multipod base canes.
  • No more bending to pick up your cane, simply rotate the tripod base until the handle faces up, place your toe on the vertical pod and gently tip the cane back up to your hand.

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