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The Superglide is a personal straight stairlift, designed for the domestic user. The stairlift is powered by direct current, supplied by rechargeable batteries, which deliver a smooth, ultra-quiet and safe ride quality. The batteries are maintenance free and charged by a safe 15 volts AC

Features include:

Electronic and mechanical braking systems: The stairlift is fitted as standard with these essential safety systems to eliminate any possibility of an uncontrolled descent of the stairlift.

Limit sensors: At the end of either an ascent or descent, the stairlift will come to a 'soft stop' due to the limit sensors. These ensure that the stairlift always stops in the correct position

Choice of Control: Acorn Superglide Stairlifts can be controlled by either the simple mechanical 'paddle' switch at the end of both seat arms, or by way of the infra-red remote control handset, two of which are supplied. These are ideal when there are 2 users in the house and the lift needs to be 'sent' or 'called' up and down the stairs. The wireless design means that there is no unsightly wall-mounted wiring for control stations. The paddle switches override the remote controls.

Seat Belts: For extra security and safety, the Acorn stairlift comes with an inertial reel lap harness as standard, for no extra cost. Always putting safety first.

Swivel seat with locking catch: The stairlift seat swivels and locks in position, making mounting and dismounting the stairlift easy and safe. The stairlift will not operate unless the seat is in the correct riding position.

Pressure sensitive safety surfaces: There are 5 surfaces / edges that stop the stairlift in event of a collision with any obstruction on the stairway. These are located around the footrest, and on the top and bottom of the carriage.

Diagnostic Digital Display: Mounted on the carriage of the stairlift is a digital display which shows clearly when the lift is in the normal operating position, and also provides invaluable diagnostic information in the unlikely event of a fault with your stairlift.

Slim-line design:The fold-away construction makes the Stair lift unobtrusive and allows full access of the stairs

Click here to see Manufacturer's installation instructions.


Weight capacity 300 lbs.
Overall height 40″
Seat height 19.5″
Overall depth (from wall) 23″
Overall depth (when folded) 13″
Footrest width 12″
Overall width 22″
Seat depth 16″
Motor power 0.25 kW
Motor output 22 rpm
Method of drive Rack and pinion
Track Extruded aluminum
Battery 110V
Charger 50 Hz charger
Maximum track length 23 feet
Minimum stair angle 23°
Maximum stair angle 53°


  • Maintenance-free DC (battery) power
  • Easy to use Paddle control
  • Diagnostic digital display
  • Smooth start/stop action
  • Lockable isolation switch
  • Swivel seat
  • Fold-up seat & footrest
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • Infra-red remote controls
  • Safety cut-out sensors
  • Dual electronic and mechanical braking systems
  • Near silent operation
  • Auto-style safety belt for added security
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Designed for simple installation
  • Free installation video provided
  • Works during Power failure
  • No mains voltage on the stairlift
  • No trailing cables
  • Soft start / soft stop
  • Free Shipping

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