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DecPac Personal Portable Wheelchair Ramp

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Wherever your entry problem, front porch, door threshold, curb or minivan, DecPac folding ramps are a light-weight solution. No assembly needed, ready to use right out of the box, simply unfold. Great for wheelchairs, walkers, strollers or anyone with limited mobility. No permanent assembly or installation, quick to setup or remove. Perfect for renters or travelers.

DecPac ramps are lightweight and quiet, will silently ride in the back of your vehicle. All sizes of ramps have a builtin handle for carrying. The ends of the ramp have a ribbed grip-edge so they stay in place. Accordion-style fold makes the ramps easy to fold and compact so that they slide under a minivan seat or stand in a closet.

Constructed of fiberglass-laminate with a rigid foam core, DecPac ramps are weather resistant. The deck has non-slip surface and bright safety tape to mark the edge. Personal size ramps have 3 panels and have a maximum load capacity of 660 lbs.

DecPac Personal ramps come in two sizes: The Personal Mini ramp is 2' 4" long and 29" wide. It accompanies a rise up to 7" and weighs just 8.5 lbs. The Personal Standard ramp is 2'10" long and 33" wide. It accompanies a rise of up to 9" and weighs just 13 lbs.


Weight Capacity 660 lbs.
Product Weight 8.5 lbs., 13 lbs.
Ramp Type Folding
Ramp length 2'4", 2'10"
Ramp Width 2'4", 2'7"
Warranty One Year Limited


  • So lightweight and portable you can bring the ramp with you anywhere you need a ramp
  • Easily folds like an accordian
  • Two model choices with different widths and lengths
  • Free Shipping

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