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The Liberty Leg Arrow cushion is ideal for individuals recovering from hip surgeries, those at high risk for pressure wounds or individuals in need of corrected leg positioning.

The cushion can be utilized in a variety of ways, enabling individuals to use the apparatus while lying on their side or on their back. A wonder for anyone recooperating from any type of injury or medical procedure, the cushion works to minimize lower back pain, while also reducing scissoring of the legs, excessive internal rotation and muscle spasms.


Length 24″ (One size fits all)


  • Prevents pressure sores in the lower extremeties
  • Sleeping with a leg cushion between the legs minimizes lower back pain
  • Allows abduction and pressure redistribution from knee to ankle
  • May be used with individuals lying on their side
  • Can be utilized windswept in the bed or wheelchair, isolating one heel for flotation
  • Perfect as an abductor for individuals lying on their back
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