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Merry Therapeutic Cane designed to assist each person with self-rehabilitation by providing a weight adjustable and height adjustable cane to allow them, with each step to restore arm, leg and back muscles. Almost all canes wooden and aluminum weigh about 14 ounces, not affording muscles to flex and increase in strength.

The Merry Therapeutic Cane was designed as a self-rehabilitation device to replace standard wooden or aluminum canes, which weigh about 14 ounces. The Merry Therapeutic Cane weighs two pounds, which, when used on the weakened side, will assist the person in rebuilding leg and arm muscles. The Merry Therapeutic Cane was also designed to hold added weights in the legs. Up to two one pound weights may be added to the inside of the cane for increased muscle strengthening capacity. The Merry Therapeutic Cane addresses spatial perception and proprioceptor losses.


Weight: 2.25 lbs. (without weights) 1 lb. weights can be added to reach amaximum of 5.25 lbs. total weight
Height: Adjustable height
Sizes: Small/Medium (4'2″ to 5'5″ tall) and Medium/Large (5'5″ to 6'6″ tall)
Frame: Black powder coated steel
Handle: Closed foam grip handle
Tip: Non-skid


  • Height adjustable
  • Closed foam grip handle
  • Non-skid cane tip
  • Black powder coated tubular steel
  • Washable Variable weighted cane - 2.5-4.5 lbs.
  • Strengthens weakened muscles
  • Encourages self-rehabilitation
  • Assists users in identifying space
  • Enhances return to functional mobility
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