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Don't limit your function with a heavy wheelchair cushion. People spend thousands of dollars to shave a few pounds off of a wheelchair and then disregard how the cushion impacts the weight of the entire mobility system. Your function can be limited by a heavy mobility system, which increases the potential of long-term shoulder damage. At a lean 2 lbs. the Roho HARMONY® Wheelchair Cushion adds minimal weight to your wheelchair.

Stability builds a foundation of function. If you are working to achieve balance or stability you may have difficulty achieving functional goals. The Roho HARMONY® Wheelchair Cushion is built on an anatomically shaped, foam platform that enhances your seated stability and helps you maximize your functional potential.

Many times comfort is dismissed as a luxury, but comfort and function go hand in hand. The Roho HARMONY® Wheelchair Cushion includes a Roho Air Flotation Cushion positioned over the foam base. This provides a shape fitting interface, reducing discomfort through enhanced blood flow and achieving longer sitting times.


Weight Capacity 275 lbs.
Product Weight 1 lbs.
Width 14" - 20"
Depth 16", 18"
Thickness 2"
Cushion Type Air
Warranty Two Year Limited


  • Roho Air Flotation Cushion reduces discomfort
  • Pre-contoured foam base for stability/ease of transfer
  • Lightweight for increased mobility & function
  • Washable, the Air Flotation Support Pad may be cleaned with soap and water, moisture-resistant machine-washable cover
  • Hand pump and patch kit
  • Free Shipping

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