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The AutoSlide by RoMedic is useful for getting in and out of cars. It reduces the effort required to readjust and position the user while riding in the car. A great tool for positioning oneself and helps caregiver position patient while in a car.

The outer surface and straps are made of polyester, and the inside surface consists of a unique ultra low friction sliding material that allows easy adjustment and positioning while keeping the user from sliding forward.

Getting into cars can be difficult and awkward, but once in, they are the key to freedom for many people. This device makes it easier to get into cars and into a comfortable position. The AutoSlide allows its users to turn and move sideways without great difficulty. If a little more force is needed, there are handles in the sides of the seat cushion - to provide helping hands. The seat cushions are firmly attached to the backs of car seats, so users cannot slide forward.


Overall Width 19.2″
Overall Length 19.2″


  • Simple to fit and easy to use
  • Low friction material makes it easy to position oneself
  • Handles make it easy for patient to be positioned by others
  • Secure fitting in the car seat prevents users from sliding forward
  • Robust handles enable carersgivers to provide assistance
  • Soft, padded surface provides comfort while riding in car
  • Ultra low friction sliding material reduces friction under buttocks
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