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The FlexiBelt by RoMedic is soft, comfortable belt with handles used to aid caretakers in patient transfers

In many transfer situations a firm helping hand is exactly what’s needed and this is where the SystemRoMedic FlexiBelt enters the scene. FlexiBelt is used for assisting the user getting up or sitting down or moving from wheelchairs to beds, toilets or cars. It’s all about a little firm support and help when it’s most needed. A good belt facilitates the transfer for both user and carer, contributing to positive wellbeing in daily life.

The belt, which is placed around the user's waist or hips, has multiple, sturdy handles, both vertically and horizontally, to give the carer a firm grip in various situations.The belt can also be placed on the carer.


Small 23″ - 39.5″, 7 handles
Medium 27.5″ - 47.5″, 9 handles
Large 39.5″ - 63″, 11 handles
X-Large 45.3″ - 69″, 13 handles


  • Used for sitting transfers or as support when the patient is standing up or walking
  • FlexiBelt has a soft innerside of polyester velvet and is very comfortable to wear. This innerside is anti-slip treated, which keeps the belt in position preventing slippage
  • Quick-connect buckle is safe and easy to open, close and tighten.
  • Tightening strap is sturdy and easy to adjust
  • Outer material is made of durable, moisture-repellent nylon for maximum product life
  • Handles are ergonomically designed to provide the best possible grip
  • Handles are placed both vertically and horizontally for the carer to get a good grip from all positions
  • Reinforced seams

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