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The OneWaySlide is a unique device with 6 handles made to easily move users further back in chairs or wheelchairs.

The OneWaySlide has many functions. The main one improves sitting positions in chairs or wheelchairs. This is why the OneWaySlide-design is so efficient. The sliding mat effectively stops forward movement yet slides backward, making it easy for the carer to help the user move into a more comfortable position in the chair. It is simply a case of grabbing the handles and pulling - without great use of force. The OneWaySlide has a soft padded surface that`s very comfortable to sit on.

The OneWaySlide is made of polyester, polyethylene and a special ultra low-friction sliding material.

This model has robust draw straps which make it easy for caregivers to help care recipients into more comfortable positions in chairs.

View video of OneWaySlide in use


Overall Length 51.2″
Overall Width 21.7″
Number of Handles 6


  • Six handles make it easy to position wheelchair user
  • Draw straps make it easier for caregivers
  • Soft, padded surface is comfortable to sit on
  • Non-slide area prevents user from sliding forward
  • Straps for attaching to wheelchair
  • The low-frction sliding material under the buttocks makes it easy to pull the user backwards
  • Robust draw straps mean that carers need not physically pull users
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