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Use the TopSheet as a combined turning device and incontinence protection, which is placed on top of a friction-reducing material like the RoMedic TurnSheet or WendyLett4Way.

The top side of the TopSheet is made of super- absorbent material, and the underside consists of a PU-coated moisture-repellant membrane. The surface on which the user is lying is soft, brushed polyester.

The TopSheet is used for incontinent, bedridden users who must be turned often. The TopSheet is also excellent when you need to hold a heavy patient in a lateral position, for instance when assisting with personal hygiene or dressing wounds. TopSheet is also very suitable when a nervous, demented user in palliative care needs turning, as the process is calm and gentle and the load is spread over the entire body area.

The TopSheet is to be placed on top of the SystemRoMedic TurnSheet or WendyLett4Way, and used in combination with a ceiling- or mobile lift to avoid heavy manual manoeuvring when turning a user.

The product is made of a super absorbing material, making TopSheet very useful when the user is incontinent. The surface always feels dry to lie on, which is very comfortable and helps prevent pressure sores. The underside has a PU-coated moisture-resistant membrane that prevents moisture from spreading further down to the sheets and mattress. TopSheet satisfies high hygiene requirements and is washable at 190°F.


Weight Capacity 440 lbs.
Overall Length 56″
Overall Width 57.6″


  • Strong straps and clips for attachment around the sling bar or in the bed rail
  • Consists of two parts. The lower part is easy to change
  • The surface under the user is soft and gentle for maximum comfort
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