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The multi directional WendyLett4Way drawsheet with sliding effect is made of a material which is designed to work in combination with the base sheet WendyLett. WendyLett4Way is placed on top of the WendyLett base sheet. The combination of these two WendyLett sheets allows for multidirectional moves in bed. Procedures such as turning in bed, moving higher/lower up in bed or re-adjusting a user while lying becomes simple to achieve with this combination, even with the heavier or passive user. The drawsheet is easily tucked into place under the mattress when no movement is required.

If the scenario requires further support, the SystemRoMedic TopSheet (1520) can be added for extra heavy/difficult turning. With this combination much backstrain can be avoided. Furthermore, when TopSheet is used the load is spread over the full body area, which is very important when assisting people in much pain. The transfer is performed without risk of friction and shearing damage of the skin of the user thus further preventing pressure-related sores.

Superficially, WendyLett is just a wonderful satin sheet. Examined more closely, you will soon discover that WendyLett is much more than just a silky sheet. It is also an excellent transfer device. All too often care staff still work with laborious, out-dated methods during bed transfers of people with reduced function. The multi-functional WendyLett sheets have been developed to facilitate positioning, turning and other simple transfers in bed. Together SystemRoMedic's WendyLett sheets make an in-situ, well thought-through system of slide and draw sheets which work in combination with each other and contribute to a simpler everyday life for both users and staff.

The unique and deceptively simple concept with the WendyLett sheets lies in the weave and the weft of the fabric's structure. It is `slippery` in one direction, but not in the other. With the right material and the right combinations of sheets with different functions, it becomes possible to perform very easy transfers. Even large and heavy patients can be positioned and moved in bed with considerably less effort for staff, which provides for substantially improved ergonomics. Furthermore, the WendyLett slide and draw sheets are always in-situ. They are products which make everyday life more pleasant for the user while reducing the load and making work easier for staff. All WendyLett sheets can be used in home and nursing care as well as in hospitals and other acute environments. The system is suitable for both passive or partially-active users, who experience some difficulties in turning themselves in bed. WendyLett is made of a fine material which can be placed on top of a pressure-relieving mattress without compromising the pressure- relieving properties of the mattress.

View video of WendyLett in use


Sliding Sheet Size 35.5″ x 79″
Drawstring Sheet Size 79″ x 79″


  • WendyLett sliding sheets are used for people who find it difficult to turn in bed.
  • Includes WndyLett drawsheet and sliding sheet
  • Free Shipping

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