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The AirFlo is an excellent choice for those with a history of, or
considered to be at very high risk of developing skin breakdown.

Three distinct layers come together to form one Infinity cushion. These
layers, the Postural Support layer, Pelvic Support layer, and Ischial
Relief insert, work as a unit to provide the utmost in support,
positioning, and pressure reduction to meet individual needs.

The postural support layer features choice of contour for leg
positioning and a pre-ischial shelf to help control sliding. The air
flotation insert inflates to provide optimal immersion of bony prominences.
The molded viscoelastic foam Pelvic Support Layer supports the hips and
helps redistribute forces away from critical areas.

The user-friendly inflation bulb allows one-handed adjustment of
inflation level, while the quick-disconnection system seals the air
instantly when detached.

Each AirFlo comes with two covers--a moisture-proof, antimicrobial inner
cover to protect the foam, and a highly stretchable outer cover provides
maximum conformity to user's shape.

Three contour types are available

Gentle: designed with mild abductor/adductor contouring that helps
provide neutral leg positioning.

Low: features a non-contoured front end for very active users or to
accommodate "windswept" deformities.

Max: provides aggressive leg positioning and enhanced pressure


Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
HCPCS K0736, K0737
Warranty Two Year Limited


  • AirFlo Insert offers very high end pressure reduction designed to provide optimal immersion of sensitive bony prominences
  • Postural Support Layer - constructed of durable, high-density polyurethane foam and feature reinforced lateral bevels which provide firm adductor support and allow the cushion to be used on a drop base with no carving required
  • Removable Leg Wedges are available to accommodate hip-flexion limitations or to facilitate foot propulsion
  • Leg length descrepancies can be accommodated with the Leg Length Cut-out option
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