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Sanosphere is a revolutionary technology that can perform better than air or gel cushions with no maintenance.

Sanosphere's dual hemispheres compress under an individuals shape and weight and distribute pressure throughout the seating area. Hemisphere diameters are different sizes to properly support and envelop the coccyx and ischial tuberosity regions, decreasing pressure to those areas most susceptible to pressure ulcers.

These twin hemispheres are comprised of Thermoplastic Polyurethane which is resilient and durable. They are 100% recyclable. The can compress up to 95% of their resting shape and rebound to their original shape and size.

The Sanosphere Technology calculates areas needing greater envelopment and stability and floats these areas using Hemi-Air Zones. This unique hemispheric design allows us to fine tune the interface, improving pelvic positioning and pressure redistribution. Sanosphere hemispheres are engineered to under different loads; arranging the field of differently tuned Sanosphere reduces peak pressures and evenly distributes according to the shape and weight of the individual patient.

Sanosphere technology provides high-performance pressure redistribution with no maintenance required.


Weight Capacity 275 lbs.
Product Weight 3.5 lbs.
Width 16", 18"
Depth 16", 18"
Thickness 3"
Cushion Type Air, Foam
Warranty One Year Limited


  • Utilizes Sanoshere Technology, that envelops bony prominences, providing ultimate comfort and pressure redistribution
  • Deep contour and slight wedge in the Tru-Relief memory foam top layer
  • No maintenance required
  • Designed for individuals with or at high risk for skin breakdown
  • Revolutionary technology that is pressure zoned
  • Excellent for non-ambulatory resident

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