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The EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX10 (HD) Heavy Duty is the newest addition to our product line. It is composed of a very durable lightweight aluminum alloy, giving it a total weight of only 55.7 pounds, but being able to handle passengers weighing up to 330 pounds. This model has 10" rear wheels, with powerful 2 x 250 Watt Brushless HUB Motors, and is wider in the seating area than our Standard model.

The Heavy Duty Model also folds and unfolds very quickly and easily. Even with it's rugged rear wheels, it still folds to a small compact space. With it's Tall 19.5" semi recline back, once you sit on the EZ Lite Cruiser you will know it is extremely durable and you will enjoy every minute of driving it.

Your purchase includes everything you need to use it -- comes with the Battery, Charger and the Joystick.


Weight Capacity 330 lbs.
Product Weight 55 lbs.
Seat Width 17.5"
Seat Depth 16.5"
Seat-to-Floor Height 20"
Overall Width 26"
Overall Length 30"
Overall Height 35.5"
Frame Color Silver
Frame Type Collapsible
Ground Clearance 3.9"
Front Wheel Size 7.5"
Rear Wheel Size 10"
Turning Radius 33.2"
Max Speed 5 mph
Driving Range 10 Miles
Battery Type 24V 10Ah, 24V 15Ah


  • Lightweight & durable based on independent lab testing
  • Folds very quick & is extremely compact for storage
  • Tall 19.5" semi recline back
  • Uses a lithium ion phosphate battery with 360 power cycles
  • Battery gets up to 10+ miles in driving distance
  • Attach a second battery for double the driving distance
  • Joystick can be mounted on left or right arm rest
  • Arm rests can be raised for easy side access to the seat
  • Has a removable seat and seat cover for easy cleaning
  • Stands upright on the rear wheels when folded, no need to lean it
  • Has a handle under the seat for easy lifting from upright position
  • Has 4 wheels which makes it more stable than a 3 wheel scooter
  • Save money by not having to purchase a lift on your car
  • Significantly less expensive than older electric wheelchairs
  • Lots of great accessories available to customize your experience

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