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The Merry Walker Ambulation Device is a restraint-free steel walker that promotes independent ambulation, increased ADL performance and prevents further disease involvement. Designed for home care use, It folds for transport and storage. It is similar in all respects to the institutional model, but is narrower for use in the home.


Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Product Weight 28 lbs.
Overall Width 24"
Frame Color Black
Number of Wheels 4


  • Restraint Free independent ambulation encourages self-rehab
  • Foldable for easy storage and transport
  • Unit is bottom-weighted - TIP RESISTANT
  • Easy open but secure swell latch lock on front and back cross bar
  • Seat, foam and sheepskin padded and vinyl covered for washing
  • Storage pouch with three pockets, included and standard on all models
  • Arm rests attached to side arms
  • Designed for individuals, who are able to ambulate with one assist, such as: stroke, frequent falls, balance weaknesses, MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Hip or knee replacement, ataxia, ALS, CP, Lupus, post-surgery recovery, Proprioceptor reflex deficiency, COPD, arthritis, and others when walking is a challenge.
  • Maximizes physical and mental potential, is restraint free and restores functional mobility
  • Enhances walking safely within a framework
  • Reduces one on one assist with walking and staff needed to walk individual
  • Increases restful sleep, return to ADL fuction, appetite, and socialization
  • Due to UPS restrictions on size of carton, some assembly required upon delivery
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