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The ReTurn 7500 from RoMedic is an assistive device for transferring specifically designed to make different sit-to-stand and transfer situations easier for both patients and caregivers.

Used indoors for short transfers between wheelchair and bed, or wheelchair and toilet, or portable toilet to wheelchair, or wheelchair to armchair.

It features a low-roating base plate and is very easy to manuver. Developed to work in confined places, it requires far less effort than conventional lifting.

The design of the ReTurn 7500 allows the patient to get close and to rise to a standing position using natural movements. All of this adds up to a high degree of utilization. The knee supports are height-adjustable, which makes it easy to adapt the device for any patient.

The ReTurn comes apart in two sections. This, along with it's light overall weight make it easy to store, clean and transport.

The top handle of the ReTurn has ladder-like grips that allow the patient to grab ahold in various ways. The base plate is low and stable, with a step-in height of only 4 cm.

Click here to view video of ReTurn 7500


Top Handle Height 45″
Overall Width 22.5″
Overall Depth 57″
Baseplate Height 1.6″ tall


  • The base plate’s patented steering wheel is a big advantage for caregivers, making ReTurn very easy to manoeuvre
  • ReTurn rolls easily even with a heavy user.
  • The ReTurn makes it possible to place the wheelchair at a comfortable distance from the bed to provide the carer more space to work safely
  • ReTurn 7500 has a standard height ladder-type frame that suits most adults
  • The spacing of the gripping bars provides multiple options for the user
  • The design of ReTurn gives the user the option to get close to the vertically-spaced rungs and to achieve a standing position using a natural pattern of movement
  • The fact that ReTurn comes in two parts and is of low weight makes it easy to transport
  • Easy to assemble, store and to keep clean
  • ReTurn's base plate has an in-step of just 4 cm/1.6“,so the user does not need to lift the feet very high
  • Outlined foot prints and a clear symbol on the base plate make the positioning of feet self-evident both to the user and the carer
  • The handle grip rungs are designed to cater for many grip variations and for working creatively and well in many sit/stand/sit scenarios
  • The lower leg supports can be adjusted both in height and width and can be angled, making the ReTurn easily adaptable.
  • Through this adaptable design, more individuals can use the same ReTurn.
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