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SmartScoot Travel Lightweight Scooter

Original price $2,299.00 - Original price $2,299.00
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$2,299.00 - $2,299.00
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Easy to use, adjustable, foldable, lightweight scooter. Fits in the trunk of most automobiles and in all SUVs and vans. Scooter includes forward and reverse modes, three speed settings, battery strength indicator, weather resistant front wheel drive motor with disc, parking brake, adjustable comfort seat and adjustable steering columns. Also includes LED headlight, horn and cane holder.

SmartScoot comes with scooter, rechargeable lithium ion battery, battery charger, removable front basket and luggage rack.

To safely operate the SmartScoot, you must be able to:

  • Stand and walk independently or with limited assistance

  • Have sufficient hand strength to operate the throttle and brake

  • Maintain and shift balance to accommodate inclines, declines and turns as described in the SmartScoot Users Instruction Manual and Safety Instructions

  • Steer and control the mobility scooter

  • See pedestrians and vehicles

  • Judge speeds, distances and slopes

  • Recognize hazards and obstacles in your path

  • Be patient enough to slow down, stop and wait whenever necessary

  • Mount or dismount the mobility scooter without assistance or risk of falling

  • Easily get the mobility scooter in and out of its storage place


Weight Capacity 250 lbs.
Product Weight 40 lbs.
Heaviest piece 27 lbs.
Overall Width 22"
Overall Length 38"
Overall Height 39"
Frame Color Silver
Frame Type Collapsible
Wheel Type 3-Wheel
Max Speed 7 mph


  • Fits in the trunk of most cars
  • Easy to use
  • Front wheel drive motor
  • Three speed settings

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