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This combination bed and wheelchair utilizes new and innovative technology that will transfer an individual in two minutes without the use of extra personnel, mechanical lifts, or lifting. Ideal for individuals needing assistance getting in or out of bed, increased mobility, or reducing the risk for falls. The wheelchair offers an integrated commode to help reduce the need for toilet transfers. The bed offers a proprietary conveyor that allows the individual to be boosted or repositioned in bed with the touch of a button and an integrated scale for monitoring weight.

Next Health provides coverage 24/7 with one hour call-backs after business hours and weekends/federal holidays. Phone numbers and cell phones numbers provided at time of installation.


Weight Capacity 500 lbs.
Length 80"
Width 36"
Bed Height From Floor 15" - 28"
Head & Knee Adjustment Electric
Height Adjustment Electric


  • Ideal for individuals needing assistance getting in or out of bed
  • Reduces the risk for falls
  • Includes two year warranty on parts and labor
  • Includes Chair & Bed
  • Training is provided at time of installation to all personnel who will operate the device
  • It is an integration of several assistive technologies; a hospital bed, a dock, a wheelchair and a commode
  • Moves a patient from bed to chair and chair to bed in under 2 minutes
  • An electric hospital bed with independent head and foot adjustment
  • Therapeutic mattress to prevent and treat pressure ulcers
  • Patient positioning system boosts patients without lifting or friction
  • Scales provide weight monitoring
  • Proprietary docking system to secure wheel and commode chair
  • Chairs disengage for independent normal use Function control through intuitive touch screen or hand held pendent
  • System tracks key metrics that can be presented in graphs/tabular format
  • Built-in scale and optional integrated bed exit alarm
  • Waterproof conveyor surface and mattress, sheets are easily replaced and laundered
  • Patient can be transferred/repositioned up/down the bed; no patient lifting required
  • Supports patients with non-weight bearing conditions
  • System can be operated by one individual
  • Height can be raised for clinical treatments
  • Handheld control unit (PUI) allows for multiple functions
  • Patented docking station controls wheelchair and bed movement
  • Can reduce patient and caregiver injuries and improve independence
  • Reduced labor required for patient transferring

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