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Daily Living Aids Guide

With well over thousands of daily living aids available, the choice can sometimes seem daunting. Simply think of all the things you undertake during a typical day - such as waking up, getting up, cleaning your teeth, getting dressed, eating and drinking – the list is endless, but these simple tasks can be difficult after surgery or injury. Here you will be able to find daily living aids which can help in any area which have become a bit of a struggle.

Eating Aids:

The first types of daily living aide we will look at are eating aids. Some conditions mean that mealtimes can become difficult, risky or strenuous. Below we have listed some of the several products that are available to assist them when eating or preparing food. Customers should base their purchasing decisions on the user's particular needs and preferences and, where appropriate, upon advice from medical and care professionals.

Those with conditions such as arthritis might benefit from large-handled cutlery that is easy to grip and capable of being bent to a more convenient shape. Our Arthritis Kitchen Kit is designed especially for use by arthritis sufferers. See here.

Designed especially for use by arthritis sufferers, kit includes a Sure Hand Lightweight Built-Up Handle Teaspoon, Knife, and Fork, as well as a Push/Pull Helper, a Good Grips Jar Opener , and a Three-in-One Opener. Latex free.

Those with limited dexterity or who suffer from tremors might find it useful to have plates and bowls with steep sides or a non-slip base that attaches securely to a table or tray.

See our Scooper Bowl. With this bowl's contoured rim, food can be trapped and pushed easily onto utensils. Foam bottom keeps dish from sliding. Dishwasher safe. Size: 5" Diameter x 3" Height.

And for those who may need extra assistance when preparing food, there is an extensive collection of kitchen aids available that take the risk out of many everyday chores such as our hand-held Reacher.

This Hand-Held Reacher is an excellent tool for individuals unable to endure excessive stretching and bending to get to things that are just out of reach in their home. The reacher is also perfect for those with arthritis or limited use of their hands, as it requires just 7 oz. of pressure to close.

View our large range of reachers here.

Drinking Aids:

Along with eating aids, many types of drinking aids exist also.

If weakness, lack of dexterity or a tremor make it difficult to use a standard cup or mug, a two-handled design may be easier. Options include the Kennedy Spillproof Drinking Cup shown above, which Eliminates messy spills and increases user confidence, has easy grip handle, sturdy screw on lid and uses disposable straws, is dishwasher safe, holds up to 7 ounces of hot or cold liquid, will not spill, even when upside down.

People who have had a stroke, a head injury or neurological disability often have difficulty swallowing safely. The technical term is dysphagia. A mug with a cone-shaped interior makes it much easier to drink without having to tip your head back and without your nose getting in the way.

There are various hands-free drinking systems, to allow people complete control over how much liquid they consume, whatever their physical limitations. Feel free to shop our site and view the range of products we have for your needs.

General Fitness Aids:

Next we will be looking at some of the general fitness aids we have available for your daily living requirements.

First on the list is Body Fat Analyzers. These products are simple, fast and portable. These can display the client’s body fat % on a clear LCD panel in seconds with clinically proven accuracy. For example, the Omron BF306 Body Composition Monitor has proven to be a popular product here at

Designed to provide the easiest and most efficient interface with great and modern appearance, the Omron BF306 body composition monitor delivers swift and precise analysis of your health, diet and fitness levels. The device measures accurately the percentage of fat stored in your body to give you information about whether the workouts and meal plans lead to weight loss and better results, plus it has the weight capacity of up to 199kg (438.7lbs) With proper BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation, the monitor offers appropriately data storage for nine different users thus it's the perfect choice for an active and health concerned family and moreover it's has been endorsed and developed with strict a help and knowledge of specialists.

Other products like the Thera-Band Exercise Ball are great to increase your flexibility, improve coordination and develop your strength. TheraBand Standard Exercise Balls are made for various rehabilitation and fitness Exercise to aid in recovery and enhance maximum muscle development. The Exercise Balls can be used to strengthen muscles, improve posture, prevent back pain, and much more. Each exercise ball comes with two plugs and an inflation adapter.

The advantages of the Thera-Band Exercise Ball are:

  • Standard exercise ball great for balance and posture exercise, core strengthening, yoga, and Pilates
  • Can be used to improve flexibility and range of motion in the back, core, arms, and legs
  • Safe to lie, sit or kneel on while exercising the core, back, shoulder, and leg muscles
  • Easy to clean, comes deflated with two plugs, one inflation adaptor and a 24 exercise guide poster, pump sold separately

For further information on the range of fitness or living aids we have available, please visit

Medication Monitoring Devices:

Next, we will be looking at medication monitoring devices.

You will be able to keep track of medications for the week. These are handy if you have multiple pills to take at various times, frequencies or days. These are great guides to wellness, fitness, and nutrition.

Another great way of keeping track of your medication is through a pill box. Keep track of medications for the week with a Medline Seven Day Deluxe Pill Box. This product features seven removable rows, marked with the day of the week and has a box for morning, noon, evening and night.



Last on our list of daily living aids are Magnifiers. A hand-held magnifier is especially useful for brief "spot" reading and for portable use, such as reading a menu in a restaurant, prices or labels in a store, or appliance dials at home. They can either be full size or a small pocket magnifier, and can also have a built-in bright light.

Some advantages of hand-held magnifiers are:

  • Many people are already accustomed to using one, or can learn to use one easily.
  • They are portable and easy to take to a restaurant, store, or church.
  • They are relatively inexpensive.
  • If they have a light, it can provide helpful illumination, such as when reading a menu in a darker restaurant.
  • They are available in a variety of magnification strengths, sizes, and shapes.

One popular option at is the  Task-Vision LED Hand Magnifier.


The Task-Vision LED Magnifier offers users the latest in high-resolution, crystal-clear magnification with its newly-designed aspheric lenses which are equipped with deluxe anti-reflective blue coating for superior optics.


Medical Supplies Now offers some of the best Personal Care and Daily Living Aids on the web today. Whether you’re looking for Bathroom and Bathing Aids, Cleansers and Sanitizers, or Maternity Care, Medical Supplies Now continually revises our list of Personal Care items to ensure that we supply our customers with the best Personal Care items and prices available every day.

If you would like any further assistance or guidance when it comes to choosing a daily living aid, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team who will be more than happy to assist.

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