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Incontinence Bedding Guide

Bedding products for people with incontinence. A variety of incontinence bedding is available, such as washable bed pads, which sit on top of the mattress and soak up any overnight leakage. The pads stay dry to the touch and they can be useful for trips away from home. Incontinence items such as mattress protectors and pillow cases are also in this section.

We offer a wide selection of incontinence bedding product options to suit a variety of needs, including products from brands such as DMI, Protection Plus, Medline Protection Plus® and CareFor. It is important to speak with your physician or carer to see which bedding product is right for you.

Below, we will look at mattress protectors, and how they are able to help with incontinence problems.

What materials are Mattress Protectors made of?

Mattress Protectors are available in a wide variety of different materials that are designed for different applications. When it comes to purchasing incontinence bedding products, it is important to always choose a quality product. If the item is inappropriate, it could mean that the bed feels uncomfortable or it could even damage the person’s skin leaving it sore. 

  • Anti Bacterial
Anti Bacterial mattress protectors eliminates the need for bleaches and disinfectants, saving time and money in the long-term.
    • Cotton
    Cotton mattress protectors are very comfortable, and so are suited well for protecting a mattress that is in use for long durations. Some are designed to look inconspicuous, so if you are looking for discretion cotton protectors may be suitable.
    • Quilted
    Quilted mattress protectors offer a higher level of comfort over even cotton or Terry-Top. However, due to their thickness quilted protectors do have the potential to absorb perspiration or other liquids easier than other materials. All quilted protectors come in the fitted style to make removal and cleaning easier.
    • Terry-Top
    Terry-Top mattress protectors offer waterproof protection at a low price. Typically either cotton or a cotton-polyester blend, they retain a soft feel despite their value thanks to a terry towelling top.
    • Microfibre
    Microfibre mattress protectors are ideal for most users due to their high comfort level. They are made from a very soft material that provides greater heat distribution than cotton or terry top protectors. They aren't typically as comfortable as a quilted protector, but still offer a very comfortable night's sleep.
    • Anti-Allergenic
    Anti-Allergenic mattress protectors are designed to be as hypoallergenic as possible. Ideal (or even required) for those with severe or uncomfortable allergies. Hypoallergenic protectors are great for use in care homes and other hygiene conscious
    What fitment style of Mattress Protector do I need?
    Mattress protectors come in two styles; fitted and encased.

    Encased protectors completely cover the mattress, usually secured with zips.

    Fitted protectors are simply placed over the top of a mattress.

    Enclosed protectors offer better protection, but are harder to fit, remove, and clean. This may pose an issue for less mobile users 

    Why we recommend using Mattress Protectors 

    • Protects and maintains expensive mattresses
    • Reusable, and easy to clean and refit
    • A variety of different materials to suit any user
    • Maximise protection without sacrificing comfort
    • 100% waterproof 

    Next, we will look at bed pads & chucks. If you or your loved one suffers from incontinence, there are several things you should consider before purchasing bed chucks.

    You’ll need to choose: (1) absorbency levels for both day and night usage, (2) the sizes needed to protect the bed as well as chairs and other surfaces, and (3) the type of underpad best suited to the condition.

    1. Size

    As underpads can be used in many places, e.g a bed, chair or car seat for example, then you need to consider which size underpad will be suitable.

    1. Absorbency

    Underpads are designed differently according to the user’s needs. Not everybody will require the same absorption level. In general, incontinence products should be changed 2 to 3 times a day. If you feel that you need to change more frequently to keep pace with your incontinence, consider products with a higher level of absorbency.

    Generally, underpads come in: Light, Moderate, Heavy and Maximum/Overnight levels of absorbency.

    Speak with your practitioner of health professional to discuss what level of absorbency is needed.

    1. Type

    There’s the choice of disposable vs reusable underpads.

    Disposable Underpads

    These are generally better for temporary uses. They offer quick and easy cleanup as they can be discarded. They have good odor control and higher dry technology.

    Popular Product:

    Invacare Disposable Underpad (case)

    The Invacare® Disposable Underpad features a spunbond nonwoven topsheet that allows fluid to pass quickly into the fluff core, is naturally fire-retardant, and is comfortable with no plastic edges that can irritate skin. Polypropylene backing protects beds and furniture against leakage and resists melting. Super absorbency pad keeps wetness away from skin with its super-absorbent polymer for maximum fluid retention and odor reduction. Each pad is generously sized, yet compressed into packaging that provides easy handling, stacking and storage.

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    Reusable Underpads

    These are also known as washable underpads, and are better if you want an underpad that:

    Stays in place reliably, saves money and reduces environmental waste.                 

    Popular Product:

    Inspire Reusable Underpad

    Inspire's Absorbent Underpad is a waterproof sheet protector that is reusable and machine washable. More effective and economical that disposable bed pads, this underpad shields the central area of the bed where protection is most needed and guards the bed against moisture damage and stains. Available in standard and large sizes.

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    To conclude, incontinence is far more common than you may think and as a result there are a wealth of products available to help you manage things far more easily.

    When you are searching for incontinence products have a clear idea in mind of exactly what you need. If you need wearable products, make sure you know your waist size or if you are in need of furniture protection, get the tape measure out and accurately measure the surface of the item to ensure that you purchase a product that provides full coverage.