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Convaid Convertible Bus and Van Transit Model

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You can never be too safe when it comes to your child, which is why every Convaid transit wheelchair meets or exceeds “WC19” safety standards. WC19 Wheelchair Safety Standard is a voluntary standard, which improves the safety and security of your child when seated in their wheelchair aboard a school bus or van. Their safety and security applies to all aspects of transportation, but particularly in the event of a vehicle crash.

The Convertible features two sets of wheels for independent, or dependant mobility, and the large rear wheels are quick release, making the chair easier to fold than conventional wheelchairs. With more than twenty different positioning options the Convertible is ideal for customizing for comfort or a growth spurt. The chair also features a patented folding mechanism that widens according to the user's weight, eliminating the risk of accidental folding.

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Weight Capacity 66 lbs.
Weight 31 lbs.
Seat Width 12″
Seat Depth 10″ - 13″
Seat Back Height 17.5″
Overall Width 25.5″
Overall Height 36.5″
Overall Length 43″
Folded Length 43″
Folded Width 12.5″
Folded Height 14.5″
Seat to Footplate 2.5″-19″
Seat to Floor 17″
Seat to BackAngle 100°
Seat Angle 10°
Headrest Extension 5″
Shoulder Strap Height 11″-16″
Rear Wheel Size 20″
14″-WeightCapacity 100lbs.
14″-Weight 36lbs.
14″-SeatWidth 14″
14″-SeatDepth 12″-15″
14″-SeatBackHeight 20″
14″-Overall Width 26.5″
14″-OverallHeight 36″
14″-OverallLength 45″
14″-FoldedLength 44″
14″-FoldedWidth 12″
14″-FoldedHeight 14.25″
14″-SeattoFootplate 2.5″-21″
14″-SeattoFloor 19.5″
14″-SeattoBackAngle 100°
14″-SeatAngle 10°
14″-HeadrestExtension 8″
14″-ShoulderStrapHeight 10″-16″
14″-RearWheelSize 22″
16″-WeightCapacity 170lbs.
16″-Weight 39lbs.
16″-SeatWidth 16″
16″-SeatDepth 13″-16″
16″-SeatBackHeight 18.75″
16″-Overall Width 28.5″
16″-OverallHeight 37″
16″-OverallLength 47.5″
16″-FoldedLength 45.5″
16″-FoldedWidth 15″
16″-FoldedHeight 16″
16″-SeattoFootplate 2.5″-21″
16″-SeattoFloor 21″
16″-SeattoBackAngle 100°
16″-SeatAngle 10°
16″-HeadrestExtension 8″
16″-ShoulderStrapheight 10″-16″
16″-RearWheelSize 24″
18″-WeightCapacity 170lbs.
18″-Weight 36.5lbs.
18″-Seat Width 18″
18″-Seat Depth 14″-17″
18″-Seat Back Height 17″
18″-Overall Width 30″
18″-Overall Height 37″
18″-Overall Length 48.5″
18″-Folded Length 45″
18″-Folded Width 14.5″
18″-Folded Height 15.25″
18″-Seat to Footplate 2″-22″
18″-Seat to Floor 22″
18″-Seat to Back Angle 100°
18″-Seat Angle 10°
18″-Headrest Extension 10.5″
18″-Shoulder Strap Height 13″-17″
18″-Rear Wheel Size 24″
Medicare HCPCS Code E1236
Warranty Limited life time warranty


  • W19 Wheelchair Safety Standard compliant
  • Quick release large rear wheels
  • Converts from dependent to independent mobility
  • 10° fixed tilt
  • Adjustable positioning
  • Compact folding
  • Removable fabric
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Free Shipping

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