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Molift Mover 180 is a compact and Light weight lifter, suitable both in home care and institutional environments.

The Molift Mover 180 has a lightweight alloy construction that makes the lifter very easy to maneuver. The large lifting interval, 27 – 163 cm (10.6" – 64.2") allows lifting from high surfaces as well as lifting from the floor. Molift Mover 180 has also the option of 2 – or 4-point suspension.

For improved carer ergonomics, the Molift Mover 180 is equipped with Molift's unique push bar that provides multiple and flexible grip possibilities. It is also equipped with Molift's environmentally friendly NiMH-battery.

Molift Mover 180, like all Molift lifters, is also equipped with the unique service notification system that notifies when service is required. The integrated service software can also be used to retrieve data about lifter usage and lifting patterns.


Weight Capacity 330 lbs.
Product Weight 70.5 lbs.
Max Lifting Range 66.1"
Min Lifting Range 10.6"
Base Width (Open) 36.2"
Base Length 44.8"
Base Height 4.4"
Sling Type 2-Point, 4-Point


  • Automatic service notification system determines when the lifter requires service and maintenance.
  • Unique push bar provides the best natural grip, creating good ergonomics and many grip possibilities.
  • Can be used with both a 2-point and a 4-point suspension.
  • Easy to maneuver

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