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The Presence is engineered and designed to handle almost any resident-handling task. With its outstanding lift range, the Presence can accommodate lifts from the floor, as well as transfers to higher surfaces. The 500 lb. safe working load and greater spatial area make this lift a perfect fit for larger residents.

The powered base allows caregivers to open and close the legs with the simple touch of a button - no bending or twisting, and the tapered leg design allow the Stature to be positioned closer to bulky objects like commodes, wheelchairs, and large chairs during resident transfers. Thanks to the sculptured base design, caregivers can get closer to residents during transfers. The 6-point spreader bar and 4-point positioning cradle, along with specialized slings have been developed to provide the caregiver with options when considering support, comfort and flexibility for the resident.


Weight Capacity 500 lbs.
Product Weight 88 lbs.
Lifts Patient from Floor Yes
Max Lifting Range 75.2"
Min Lifting Range 16.9"
Base Width (Open) 40.1"
Base Width (Closed) 26.4"
Base Length 57.5"
Base Height 4.7"
Sling Type 2-Point - 6-Point
Front Wheel Size 4"
Rear Wheel Size 4"
Warranty on Frame Two Year Limited
Shipping Weight 113 lbs.
Box Length 30"
Box Width 58"
Box Height 17"


  • Heavy-duty 500 lbs. capacity
  • Outstanding lift range
  • Powered base
  • Can be positioned close to bulky objects
  • Sculptured base allows caregivers to get closer to residents during transfers
  • 6-point spreader bar and 4-point positioning cradle
  • Free Shipping

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